Thursday, November 24, 2011

I Am Off To Sea!!! :)

I have finally received a date! I will be boarding the Seabourn Pride (S's stately home) on the 14th of December, in Singapore!!! Yay for me!! So not only has the time finally come where I can sail off into the sunset...but I luckily enough get to do it on the same ship as my friend S! I am so excited. I must say the waiting has been torture, as I am so ready to just get started on my little sea adventure, but lucky for me I have been able to spend the time with my precious family. So it really has been awesome. I am going to miss them like crazy, so each and every extra second I get to spend with them I am grabbing with both hands. Anyway I just wanted to post the fantastic news... now I will be counting down the days... 20 days to go! :) G

Friday, November 11, 2011

Last Day Of Work

Today is my last day at work, I am officially a free agent! And let me tell you I am itching to begin my sea adventure. I have been placed on stand-by, by Seabourn, as of the 14th of November. I get paid by Seabourn to be prepared to leave at any time, which is insanely exciting. They say it should be in the next week or two! So soon I will be boarding a magnificent ship, in an exotic location, to work my ass off and play in the gardens of the world. I am so excited! So now I wait and savor every second with the people I love most. Soon soon little sea legs, soon soon :) Sailor G

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Some News.

Yesterday I finally handed in my formal resignation. (Sigh...It is so nerve-wracking but a huge relief at the same time.) I still have no idea when I will be placed but I just feel the sooner I can leave without having to give notice the sooner I will be able to leave. And to leave sooner will be worth the risk of not having a job :) And guess my friend, S,just got placed!! Eeeeeeeeekkk! :) I am so insanely excited for her. Wish I was leaving with her, but that is just not possible. She boards her new home, the Seabourn Pride, on the 27th of October. She will be sailing to Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Dubai, Greece, Athens and Istanbul, just to mention a few. It is crazy to believe all our dreaming and hard work is finally coming to true. :) Happiness!!!! Now it is my turn! G

Seabourn Pride, S's new home.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And it begins...

Well, here I am...having given up my comfortable job at an amazing company, canceling all my accounts and preparing to leave the only place I have ever known and my treasured family who I am unsure exactly how I will live without! Seems pretty insane, doesn't it? Well it is most definitely the craziest, most risky thing I have ever done in my life. And that simple fact terrifies and thrills me at the same time.

I have finally been Hired by Seabourn Cruise ships. Seabourn is an amazing company, with some of the most luxurious, exclusive (six star), small cruise ships in the world. They have won insane amounts of awards with virtually no other competition. Their main aim is extreme personal service and opulent extravagance. Their six vessels travel all around the world, reaching the most remote locations due to the small size of these vessels. With Seabourn I will be a cabin Stewardess...which is just a fancy name for a maid, who works her butt off pleasing the every need and whim of her guests (I will be making beds, cleaning floors and making little towel animals). (And let me tell was surprisingly difficult for a stable, level headed, mature, qualified graphic designer with a degree to become a maid. So for me this has already been a six month uphill battle. I even worked as a maid in a local hotel..unpaid!! Crazy talk I know!! But I digress.)

Lucky for me I have gone though this entire research process with my very special friend, my friend S, which has made it so much easier. We have pushed and supported each other each step of the way. And even though there is no guarantee we will be placed on the same ship together, it has been amazing to be on the same page as someone else. I really recommend this to anyone thinking of pursuing a life at sea, its simply makes the difficult times easier and the fun times all that more exciting.

The plan is to travel with Seabourn for my four month contract, get some experience, do the training and then come home to do a yachts course. Once this is done I plan to leave for the Med in mid April to become a yacht stew. I am so excited to embark on my own personal little adventure. To see the world, to learn about and meet people from different cultures and backgrounds. To wake up each morning surrounded by sea! Wow, I can not wait. 

So now it's a game of tying all the loose ends together, making sure everything is in order and waiting for my placement little world will change dramatically, very soon. And I can not wait :) G